- Webpage use legal conditions.
The sale of articles by this webpage is made under the name COOSY by COOSYSHOP SLU, addressed in C/ Manuel Quiroga 4. 36002, Pontevedra  registered in the Commercial Registry of Pontevedra, volume 3856, book 3856, sheet 85 page PO-54466, 1st registration and VAT number B94073459, telephone 915.219.872 and email [email protected]
By the present contract, the customer accepts the conditions and policies of our webpage,, as well as the ones of other webpages to which we may address them to by links. This document contains every obligation and rights between the customer and the company (, property of Coosy Shop, S.L.U. in relation to our services and products offered.
We recommend reading in detail our whole privacy policy before continuing with the purchase. In case of doubt about any of our points, contact us by email in the following address [email protected]

- About our webpage use.
The General Conditions of our webpage are as important for the customer as for the company, to that effect of being contractual tied. In this way, the customer states with his register and order having read and openly accepted our Conditions.
Consequently, the customer accepts that:
The webpage can only be used to make consults and/or orders legally valid.
The customer commits to facilitate real information about his contact data and consents us to make use of this information to contact him if it is necessary. If the information is incomplete that would make the order processing impossible.
Under no circumstances the customer will be able to falsify personal information nor take the place of others.
The customer will not be able to make any false or fraudulent order against the good faith or with illicit aims.
The customer ensures with his webpage register and the order confirmation that he is of legal age (18 years old) and that he has legal capacity to hold binding contracts.
- Use of cookies.
The access to this webpage implies the use of cookies in its webpages as well as in the linked ones. Those users that do not want to receive cookies and/or if they want to be informed they may configure their browser to that effect.

- Orders.
Hereby we inform you that our products are not an offer but an invitation to do business. Therefore, there will be no binging contract between both until the order has been accepted and processed by us.
The way of buying will be the one mentioned in our webpage. In any case, we are not obliged to provide the customer a different product from the bought one.
We reserve the right to modify the product at any time in our webpage in case it is out of stock or if any extraordinary situation may happen that impede its sale.

- Sale, delivery and refunds.
The right of desisting can be exercised by the customer according to the stablished conditions in the section ‘returns’ of our webpage.
The delivery, with the exception of unusual cases, such as if there is a mistake in the delivery or if the merchandise is faulty the delivery will be borne by the customer, who agrees to the displayed prices in the section called ‘delivery’ within the FAQs.
The estimation of the delivery schedule for Spain’s national territory (Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands) will vary from 24 to 72 hours (working days) in retail sales and in wholesales, depending on the contract. The delivery schedule’s estimation for each country will be written on the transport’s quadrant. reserves the right to deliver the product with posterity due to an extraordinary situation or because of a force majeure cause, this fact will be immediately made public to the customer, who will have the option to continue with the purchase or to stop it. understands that the product is delivered at the moment when its receipt is confirmed by the corresponding signature of the delivery note. At that moment, will be exonerated of any responsibility transmitting then the risk to the customer.
It is expected the supposed impossibility of the product’s delivery because of a force majeure cause or by any fault of problem in the product, in that case it can be replaced by other product of the same price. reserves the right to remove any product from the webpage at any time because of exceptional circumstances external to our will.

- Price.
The garment’s price is written on our webpage. In case there is a mistake in the price, we will contact you so you can desist or continue with the purchase by accepting the real price. is not obliged to supply a product of an inferior and wrong price. is not obliged to supply any product of a wrong inferior price if the error on the price were obvious and clear, been reasonably recognizable by the customer as an incorrect price.
This webpage’s prices include the value added tax (VAT).

- Responsibility.
Our responsibility is limited to the product’s price. This company is exonerated from every responsibility because of indirect damages produced as a secondary effect of losses or principal damages.
We cannot guarantee the security of the accurate information provided by our webpage.
Additionally, is exonerated from any responsibility in the face of any damage that the user may suffer as a consequence of errors, faults or omissions in the information provided whenever it comes from external sources.

- Virus, piracy and any other computer attacks.
You should not make a wrongful use of the webpage by the insertion of different virus or damaging programmes.
The realization of computing activities in the webpage intentionally run to make damage to, can be called as a crime and thus go hand in hand with the correspondent criminal liability.

- Events beyond our control.
We will not be responsible for the breach of the accepted responsibility whenever its cause would be because of events beyond our control, such as the ones caused by force majeure.
- Intellectual property.
All of our products and materials are protected by copyright, trademark, so the customer consents and accepts that they belong to us. The partial or total reproduction of that material without Coosy’s express consent is prohibited. can modify the previously mentioned Conditions, whenever it is considered necessary.
What is displayed in the current section will not affect the displayed on the applicable law at every moment.

Jurisdiction and applicable law.
The regulations of use that are documented in the present legal notice are governed by the current national law. and its users accept that to every disagreement that may come up about the interpretation, compliance and/or realisation of the performances done by will be deliberately subject to the jurisdiction of the judges and courts of the company’s registered office, specifically renouncing by the present to any other jurisdiction that may belong to them.
In case of any doubts, please, complete our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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